Ismael (Jimbo)

Known as Pepe's son, he was born and grew up in Asilah, and in addition to being a joyful and lively person, a lover of natural life and music, Jimbo is the perfect person to speak about the most remarkable places in the village.


Mehdi (Kuby)

Ice Cream Master by profession, he loves good food and details. As manager of MIA Hostel, he will make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Las Nenias!

Ana, Angela (Angi) and Silvia (Silvo), summer '14 staff.
Although they are gone now, we'll always be thankful to them. Without their help and ideas, our dream of a hostel would never've been possible. Thanks u Nenias!

gauchi 3.jpg

Gauchi (The cat)

The real owner of the hostel. Public Relations, pest control, security, and above all laziness, are the skills of our friendly cat.