How to get to Asilah?

There are many ways of getting to Asilah.
The most common is the train. Morocco's railway line crosses the country from north to south through the main cities like Tangier, Fez, Meknes, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech. Here you have the link to the Moroccan Trains Company. (ONCF)
To reach Asilah from anywhere in Europe, the closest airport is in Tangier, with almost daily flights to Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and London. The nearest port is also the Tangier City port, connected with Spain's southern village, Tarifa, just across the Strait of Gibraltar . We recommend avoiding Tanger Med's port. It's located 45km east of Tangier.
Here you can find an external link to a website comparing prices for ferries to Tangier. (ClickFerry)
From Tangier you can get to Assilah by car, shared Taxi, train or bus. You will find more detailed information on our contact page. (Contact)


How to get to MIA Hostel?

You will find all the information and tips on our contact page. You will also find a nice map we have drawn for you. (Contact)


Is Breakfast included?

Yes, from 08:00 am to 11:00 am, in the kitchen's table, you will find coffee, tea, jams, butter, moroccan bread, milk, and more. 


Are Towels included?

No, towels are not included. People usually bring their own towels, so in MIAH we decided to rent them, encouraging a better and more rationnal use of them, helping us save energy and water.

Small towels cost 10 MAD and big Towels cost 20 MAD.


The cancellation is free of charge?

Yes, bookings can be cancelled up to 24 hours before the date of arrival. Cancellations within 24 hours of the date of arrival will be charged the first night. 


Check-in and Check-out

Check-in is at 14:00 and check-out is at 12:00.

If you arrive before 14:00, no problem! You can stay on the common areas or save your backpack at MIAH while you have a walk around waiting for your check-in.

If you're leaving after check-out time (for example, if you're going to Marrakech on the night train or if you decide to spend your day on the beach), you can stay all the time you need with us in the common areas or save your backpack here the whole day .


Dinners and BBQs, how they work? When are they?

Good food is nice, but better with good company! If you are a group of people and you want to organize a dinner or lunch you only have to send us an email throug the contact page and we will organize something specific for you.
If you come alone, or you don't want to plan anything, community dinners and meals here arise spontaneously.


It is close to the beach?

Yes, the nearest beach is Asilah's beach, about 600 m from MIAH. There are other beaches that are more attractive like Briech, Tahaddart, Paradise Beach or Sidi Mghayet. You can access the Gallery and see the different beaches in the surrounding area. (Beach Gallery)


It is close to the Medina?

Yes, it is. The Medina of Asilah is an 8 min walk from MIAH.


How to get to Paradise and Sidi Mghayet beach?

To get to Paradise or Sidi Mghayet Beach you can walk 1 hour or 1 hour and a half respectively. Otherwise, you can take a Taxi for 200 MAD, that will take you to the beach and bring you back to the hostel at any time you ask, with capacity for 6 people. Another typicall and funny option would be to rent a typical horse cart that will cost you 20 MAD per person.


How to get to Briech or Tahaddart beach?

You can get there by sharing a taxi that will cost you 10 MAD and 15 MAD respectively. We also recommend taking the Tangier ALSA city bus, that stops in the main street of Asilah, at 100 m from MIAH, and that will cost you 6 MAD/person.


Where to surf in Asilah?

You can surf in all beaches of Asilah but the most famous is Briech for surfing and Tahaddart for kite-surfing. Here you have an external link to check weather and characteristics.  (Magicseaweed)


Birding in Asilah`s surrounding

The entire coastal area of Morocco is a suitable place for birds observation. The Strait of Gibraltar area is one of the most important places in their migratory journey across Africa, where birds stop in estuaries to regain strength before crossing it. This estuaries are in Tahaddart river (Asilah) or Loukkos river (Larache, 40 km from Asilah).
Here you have an interesting external link to see the type of species that you can find. (Moroccansbirds.blogspot)


Where can Ipark my car or motorbike?

Just in front of the hostel, there is plenty of space where you can leave your car. It is a safe and quiet area. If you are concerned about security, there is a guard overnight in the house next door. You can give him a tip of 5 or 10 MAD (totally optional and voluntary) to take special care of your car.


Where can I store my bike?

We have plenty of space in the back yard to store your bike in a safe and accessible place without having to book in advance.


Laundry Service

We have a washing machine (7kg) and a drying machine (7kg). You can use them for 40 MAD each. We offer you the soap :)


Can I print my boarding pass or any other document in MIA Hostel?

Yes, you can print any document in MIAH for 5 MAD each, and we can also scan your documents.