A little Moroccan Arabic for our travelers

If you travel to Asilah or Morocco, you will be surprised by the facility Moroccans speak even more than 3 or 4 languages. Arabic, Berber, Spanish and French are very common among the old ones and English are a must among the young ones nowadays.

Mia hostel Asillah stear's mural

But maybe you want to visit Morocco and learn a few words of the National Language which is a dialect from the classic Arabic called Darija or Moroccan Arabic. We would be very happy to listen you talking our language, so here we offer you this “official” MIA Hostels language guide:




·        Hello (Peace be upon you) – salam u aleikum

·        Hello (answer: And peace upon you) – wa salam u aleikum

·        Welcome - Marhaba

·        Good Morning – sbah elkhair

·        Good Afternoon – masae elkhair

·        What's your name? - Shenu ismek

·        my name is… – ismi …

·        It is a pleasure to meet you – msharfin

·        How are you? – kif tina?

·        All right? – labas alik?

·        I’m fine, thank God – labas, alhamdulilah

·        Thank you - Shokran

·        Goodbye – beslama


We hope you enjoy the first lesson and we would be very happy to say you MARHABA in our hostel! See you soon with more useful Darija.